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Fisher Sand & Gravel Co.

Fisher Sand & Gravel Co., the parent company of Fisher Industries, operates twelve commercial crushing and forty-five portable crushing plants throughout twelve states. At the height of the season, we employ over a thousand people, over a quarter of whom are heavy equipment operators. Each year, we mine and process over 30 million tons of aggregate material and perform over one hundred projects.

Specializing in Portability
Headquartered in North Dakota, we quickly determined that placing wheels under equipment and not under material made our sand and gravel operation more agile, efficient and profitable. Thus, we specialize in sales and operation of portable crushing plants. They are manufactured specifically for individual projects, then shipped, assembled and operated on-site.


Portable Crushing Plant, ND

Commercial Crushing Plant, AZ

Fisher Employees, NV

Corporate Headquarters: Dickinson, ND 58601 E-Mail Us        Toll-Free: 1-800-932-8740