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Southwest Asphalt

A Division of Fisher Sand & Gravel Co.

As the largest producer of rubberized asphalt and the third largest asphalt producer in Arizona, producing more than a million tons of asphalt annually, Southwest Asphalt is committed to producing and delivering quality paving products for tough jobs throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. Our professional quality control personnel ensure our services and products meet your tough specifications.

We produce more than a million tons of asphalt annually. Southwest Asphalt is the third largest asphalt producer in Arizona and the largest producer of rubberized asphalt.

Studies show that rolling tires account for over three-quarters of the noise generated from highways when vehicle speeds exceed 60 miles per hour. The interesting point is the noise isn’t necessarily generated from the tires, but from the pavement!

Rubberized asphalt surfaces effectively reduce the noise at the source better than any other material. They also soften the pitch of noise frequencies that are the most irritating to the ear. It’s a Quality of Life Issue.

Reducing the noise by three decibels is like cutting traffic in half. Where rubberized asphalt was tested in Arizona, noise levels dropped a whopping 12 decibels - that’s a significant advantage for people living or working near major metropolitan areas!

Southwest AsphaltSouthwest AsphaltSouthwest AsphaltSouthwest Asphalt
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