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Fisher Industries Tough Jobs Portfolio

Public Sector

I-580 Freeway Extension - In 2007, Fisher Industries secured the largest contract ever awarded by the Nevada Department of Transportation. Linking Reno and Carson City, Nevada the “I-580 Extension” includes five bridges and eight and one-half miles of brand-new, six lane freeway. Upon completion, the bridge spanning Galena Creek will extend 1,790 feet and stand 300 feet tall, making it one of the largest structures of its type in the United States. Working as a team, the Fisher Family of businesses all play an integral role in these massive civil earthwork projects.

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Bridge Worker I-580 Bridge Work Galena Creek Form

Scenic Highway 179 - One of our signature projects is the 5.1 mile total reconstruction of scenic Highway 179 near Sedona, Arizona. This road carries millions of tourists each year through one of the most pristine and unique areas of the world. The road is the only route connecting the business and residential communities of the greater Sedona area.

The central vision of the project is to develop a transportation corridor that addresses safety, mobility and preservation of scenic, aesthetic, historic, environmental and other community attributes.

Working closely with the Arizona Department of Transportation, we are responsible for bringing that vision to reality. We are building up the roadway, installing adequate drainage and improving traffic flow and safety, while maintaining the natural beauty of this scenic byway.

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Sedona Project Sedona Scenery

Private Sector

Ascaya Residential Land Development - In November of 2004, Fisher Industries began work on a $200 million, four year, high-end residential project in Henderson, Nevada. Dubbed “Ascaya,” the job entailed excavating 300 residential lots out of a mountain of rock. Here you see the 32 miles of 16 foot high rock walls. Each boulder was individually selected and set by our operators. The project site encompassed 640 acres - one square mile - and nearly every acre has an excellent view of the Las Vegas Strip. Throughout the course of the project approximately 15 million cubic yards of material was drilled, blasted and relocated. No material was allowed to leave the project site.

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Ascaya - aerial shot Building Rock Walls Loading Haul Truck

I-580 Freeway Extension
Highway 179 Reconstruct


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