General Steel & Supply Company designs and manufactures all types of material handling equipment for the aggregate and mining industries. Our conveyors can be manufactured with deep truss, channel frame, rigid rail, or other styles of frame design. We fabricate all types of transfer, feed, discharge, and overland conveyors, with various belt widths and conveyor lengths. Please select below to learn more about some of our conveyor options.

225' Overland Conveyor | Extenders | Five Packs | Radial Stackers


225' Overland Conveyor

225' overland conveyor 225' overland 225' overland conveyor

Portable and rugged, the Fisher Industries 225' Overland conveyor is the efficient and effective way for moving aggregate products, eliminating potential material breakdown from multiple transfer points. The Overland reduces mobilization time and costs, eliminating the need for multiple conveyors. It adapts to vertical curves in the terrain with the ability to pivot at connection points.

The 225' Overland Conveyor has been designed with the mobile contractor in mind. It is easily transported, set-up, and torn down. It operates 1,000 tons/hour at 450 ft./minute. The 225' Overland will help move material on all your tough jobs.


  • Heavy duty truss style design
  • Dual 25HP electric motors with speed reducers and v-belt drive
  • Tandem 10' axles with brakes and mechanical suspension
  • 5" Diameter CEMA "C" idlers and rubber disc return rollers
  • Ratchet style gravity take-up assembly
  • Screw type take-up assembly on tail end
  • 3 ply 1/4" x 1/16" conveyor belt
  • Flexco Rockline® belt wiper
  • Various belt widths available

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extender extender

Stockpile more tons with the Fisher Industries "Extender" Radial Stacker. The "Extender" uses a desegregation stacking system that is portable, durable, and equipped with hydraulic controls for easy setup and operation.

The 130' telescoping stacker features separate braked travel wheels and radial drive wheels. Easily adjust the size with the electrically controlled telescoping stinger. Various belt widths are available. Near or far, the "Extender" makes the tough job of stacking not so tough after all.

Some features of Extenders:

  • Dual electric motor head end drives
  • Cable winch telescoping unit
  • Hydraulic controlled power radial drive
  • Hydraulic controlled lift for travel & radial tires
  • Deep truss frame
  • Separate braked travel wheels & radial drive wheels
  • Pivot point on tail end
  • Receiving hopper on tail end
  • 5" Diameter CEMA idlers & rubber disc return rollers
  • 3-Ply 1/4" x 1/8" conveyor belt
  • Various belt widths available


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Five Packs

five pack five pack

Portable and durable, the Fisher Industries 5-pack Conveyor System conveniently delivers five separate conveyors on one truckload. This conveyor system configures into 25 different positions, features a heavy-duty truss design, and transport chassis frame. With a removable/repositionable wheel frame, and availability in both 30" and 36" belt widths, it is safe to say that the 5-pack Conveyor System is versatile and equipped to tackle your tough jobs.

Some features of the 5-Pack Conveyor System:

  • Heavy-duty truss for rugged field use
  • Heavy-duty wheel frame with 86" single axle and 12 x 16.5 tires
  • Capable of 25 positions
  • Screw take-up tail end
  • 20HP Electric motor with planetary drive
  • 5" Diameter troughing idlers and rubber disc return rollers
  • Transport chassis frame

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Radial Stackers

radial stacker radial stacker

The cable mast tower system on the Fisher Industries 130' Radial Stacker provides excellent stability and control. With separate travel and radial axle assemblies, our radial stackers also feature a pull-out stinger, and are available in various belt widths. Select from manual or hydraulic radial drive and lift packages to make easy work out of tough stacking challenges.

Some features of Radial Stackers:

  • Various belt widths
  • Separate travel and radial axle assemblies
  • Hydraulic take-up
  • CEMA 5" diameter idlers & rubber disc return rollers
  • Electric motor with shaft mount reducer & v-belt drive
  • 3-Ply 3/16" x 1/16" conveyor belt
  • Cable mast design

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