Fisher Grading & Excavation

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A Division of Fisher Sand & Gravel Co.

As a diversified general construction and engineering company, Fisher Grading & Excavation specializes in major civil earthwork projects. No job is too big or too small. We will work with you from the initial project design and each step along the way: pioneering, blasting, dozing, excavating, crushing, and hauling or replacing material. Our finishing crews will see your tough earthwork assignment all the way through to the underground utility work.

In 2007, Fisher Industries secured the largest contract ever awarded by the Nevada Department of Transportation. Linking Reno and Carson City, Nevada, the I-580 Freeway Extension includes nine bridges and eight and one-half miles of brand new, six lane freeway. The bridge spanning Galena Creek extends 1,722 feet and stands nearly 300 feet tall. At the time of completion (June 2012), the Galena Creek bridge boasts being the largest cathedral arch bridge in the world. While spearheaded by Fisher Grading & Excavation and Fisher Sand & Gravel, the entire Fisher Family of businesses played integral roles in these massive, civil earthwork projects.

Another signature project of Fisher Grading & Excavation is a housing development project near Henderson Nevada. The Ascaya development features 300 lavish residential lots carved out of a rugged square mile of mountain. Within that one square mile, we drilled, blasted, crushed, screened and relocated 15 million cubic yards of material and built 32 miles of 16 foot high support rock walls.

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