I-580 Freeway Extension


In November of 2006, Fisher Industries secured the largest contract ever awarded by the Nevada Department of Transportation. The I-580 Freeway Extension consisted of creating 8.4 miles of brand new, six lane freeway linking Reno and Carson City, Nevada. This new stretch of roadway required the construction of 9 bridges, including the 1,722 foot Galena Creek Bridge. Standing at nearly 300 feet tall, the Galena Creek Bridge boasts being the largest cathedral arch bridge in the world*.

Working as a team, the entire Fisher family of businesses played essential roles in the completion of this massive civil earthwork project. Our innovative construction methods ensured that this 4½ year, $400 million job was completed on time and within budget!

I-580 Project Facts:

  • 8.4 miles of new freeway
  • 5.4 million yards of excavation
  • 250,000 yards of drainage excavation
  • 98,600 ft. of drainage pipe
  • 285,000 sq. ft. MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) walls
  • 220,000 tons of asphalt paving
  • 400,000 yards of concrete paving 11" thick
  • 100,000 yards of bridge concrete
  • Over 10 million tons of aggregate and 120,000 yards of concrete produced on site!

*at time of completion (June 2012)

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